Different Types of Pallets

Different Types of Pallets

There is a very wide variety of Pallets Sydney that you are able to come across in Sydney. We shall therefore take you through a number of pallets of varying types that you are able to choose to buy from. With the wide variety of pallets for sale in Sydney, you are able to go for the very best that will serve your purpose. Listed and discussed in detail below are some of these pallets that you are able to choose from:

1.Block Pallets

This particular type of pallet is also commonly known as the ‘four-way entry pallet’. It is very easy to use, especially because it can be accessed easily using a forklift. Additionally, you can use if as a facility for storage or warehouse; with easy access through any of the four sides that is available. The block pallets are often made using quite a variety of materials, ranging from plywood, timber and even plastic.

It is made up using about 4 to about 12 different wooden cylindrical posts, which are often used to make a top deck that is very stable.

They tend to be much more expensive than the other types of pallets, mostly because of the sophisticated design that they come in. Despite the fact that they are available in different configurations, you can choose to have your specific pallet customized for you depending on what you prefer. Also, the design of the configuration you choose will mostly depend on the specific need for which you require it. You can, for example, choose to have the bottom parts of the pallets covered with boards, or not.

Another thing worth taking note of about the block pallets is the fact that they are more efficient to handle in comparison to all the other types. This is mostly contributed by the fact that their design is dependent on both the perpendicular and the parallel stringers.

2.The Single and Double-Faced Pallets

A good number of pallets are often made with designs from two main categories. This includes the ones that are single-faced, and the ones that are double-faced. The major distinguishing factor about these two types of pallets is the fact presence, or lack thereof, or decks that may be found at the bottom part of the pallets.

The decks are often mostly used for increasing the strength of the pallets, by making ensuring that the weight of whatever is inside is distributed equally all over. This way, the pallets end up being more durable and efficient.

The double-faced type can be manufactured either in a reversible or non-reversible manner. The reversible variety of the double-faced variety allows you easily be able to flip the pallet easily on both sides, in an attempt that allows you to load items on both sides of the pallet. However, the non-reversible type only has a surface on one side, such that it is only suitable for use of storage and packaging mostly. However, these two types both go a long way in offering some of the very best pallet pick-up services.

Author: Wyatt